To Bio or not To Bio, it needs no question!


Our commitment to the well-being of future generations?

Respect for nature in all its facets. From the raw material to the end product, with deep respect for the craftsmanship required.

That is why we have opted for organic.

Bio Klein

What is organic bread?

Organic bread is pure: the cereals are cultivated in the open air and grow without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers. We produce our bread in a healthy and environmentally-friendly way. In so doing, we show how commited we are to the future as a producer. For example, the milk and butter that we use originate from animals that are allowed to roam free. The ingredients such as meal, flour, seeds, pits… should be 100% organic. That means that nature has all the time in the world to do its work! Because 95% of organic bread should consist of 100% organic ingredients...

e termen 'bio' of 'biologisch' zijn beschermde begrippen. Niet iedereen kan deze benamingen zomaar gebruiken. Om als biologisch producent erkent te zijn dient er voldaan te worden aan productieregels zoals vastgelegd in de wetgevingen, en dient hierop gecontroleerd te worden. Deze controle gebeurt door een erkend onafhankelijk controle-organisme.

The grain

A farmer who grows organic grains must comply with the strictly enforced European directives for organic cultivation.

This means that the farmer should:

  • invest in fertile soil and observe a transition period of 3 years before switching to organic cultivation
  • use organic compost and fertiliser instead of chemical fertiliser and pesticides
  • choose wheat varieties that are by nature more resistant to diseases and pests
  • often choose old wheat varieties that have never been genetically manipulated
  • ensure that the soil is not exhausted and that biodiversity is maintained.
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The inspection

The entire organic sector is subject to the organic Code of Conduct that is enforced by an independent organisation. This means that the organisation makes announced and unannounced inspection visits.

During these visits, the accounts are audited, recipes and procedures are presented for inspection and samples are taken and analysed.

Everybody in the organic chain should be affiliated to a certification body. They will only be awarded an organic certificate after the entire procedure has been  inspected and approved.

A guaranteed bio-based product is recognisable by the European logo or the organic guarantee stamp!