Enjoy real bread!

The recipe for your delicious traditional bread: Organic ingredients, a traditional artisinal working method, long resting and rising times, an enthusiastic team of expert bakers, a modern bakery, and above all an enormous passion and love for the job.

Our four mainstays

Organic Raw Materials

We see it as our duty to select only the best organic raw materials and use them in their most original and authentic form to create delicious bread.

The Time Factor

Our only enhancer… is time. In our bakeries, we have a deep respect for the resting and rising times required by the dough and the accompanying natural fermentation process.


For 40 years we have been working with our own homemade natural sourdough, which is the common thread running through our production process.

Natural Sourdough

The high degree of manual work is a determining factor for our product, because it means we can offer our customers quality, originality, exclusivity, authenticity, social engagement and above all products that are made with passion by enthusiastic people.

Ancient grains - alternative grains

For centuries, ancient grains have been cultivated and used to make bread and other products. Our ancestors cultivated them in the most natural way possible. They are therefore completely natural and have never been genetically manipulated. At Bio De Trog, we use these ancient grains to bake bread in the traditional way. This means that they all still have their own healthy and typically nutritional values and their own specific flavours and aromas.

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